How to track traffic on your website

By | April 7, 2016

track traffic

If you’re looking for a system that can track your website’s traffic, then look no further! We have listed the following best sites you can easily use online. The online tools can help you track how much visitors you have daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.


Alexa is an online tracking site for web traffics. The current owner of this marketing tool is the largest online retailer, Amazon. When logging into the website, it allows you to see your traffic results in different formats. The site provides you with an overall chart result in percentages. Therefore you get an overall idea of the number of visitors you have. Although it’s a very powerful tool, you will have to go through a lot of clicking to get your results.

Google Adplanner

Google Ad Planner is probably one of the top tools you need for tracking visitors. They specifically made this tool for business advertisers to see which websites are worth adding an advertisement. The Ad Planner shows an accurate data of traffic from a site. One of its benefits is Google allows you to see where your visitors are coming from as well.

5 free tools every online marketing manager should know – Media India Group Google Adplanner was unbeatable for comparing audience size and dimension. It has now been folded into Adwords as the campaing planner and is limited to media sites, but still useful for finding size and quality of audience for partner and media sites.



Biz Information is another great tool with extra features added. The site enables you to see how much submissions are made on social networks sites such a Facebook or Stumbleupon. It allows you to see other information such as how much the website is worth in revenue. It can also create unique charts and graphs for the number of visitors you have every month.


With Quantcast, you can change the results you want in different settings. For instance, you can modify the graph to show the results daily, weekly or monthly. Like other tracking tools, Quantcast doesn’t only show you where the visitors are on the map. But it also shows you a more in depth details of about the visitors such as their income, age and sex.

Also you can use Google Analytics to get all data together: