How to use Instagram to market your business

By | April 23, 2017

Instagram is now one of the leading social media in the market. Millions of people are signed up to Instagram. Aside from its useful tool for taking pictures directly from your phone and posting them on the app for everyone to see, Instagram is also an effective tool that many businesses use to promote their-their brands online.

What are the primary uses of Instagram for your business? Well, Instagram is known for its images and videos as contents. Companies can share and post a picture of their products and services and promote it through Instagram. Recently, videos are also becoming a valuable content as businesses use this tool to produce and post a promotional video regarding their brand. Once you have a good mix of images and videos, this can easily improve your brand awareness and possibly increase your sales too.

how can businesses use Instagram more effectively?

Taking a picture and posting them is very easy. However many followers and consumer on Instagram tends to follow users who post high-quality images and unique contents. For example, people are more likely to follow you if your images are edited or if they look professional.

Another method is to use the hashtag. Hashtag are an essential element that you will need to use to make your contents more searchable to your consumers. Find out what keywords that most people use to search for your services. You can also take advantage of using the most popular hashtags that may not be relevant but are more likely to be searched by thousands of people.

Being consistent with posting your content is vital as followers are always on the lookout for anything new or what’s on trend. Furthermore, it’s ideal to adapt a theme for your Instagram page to lure more followers.

If your business has it’s own Facebook page, don’t forget to link this to your Instagram page. Facebook allows you to link and posts your contents on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Your Facebook followers will be able to see your Instagram post, and you can get your fans to follow your page on Instagram.